We can offer small scale production for start-ups, small, medium and mature companies. We have the facilities, instruments and competence to give the support needed for production of everything from prototypes to components from injection moulding with a demanding assembly. Contact us to learn more about our competences and the production possibilities. The main advantages of small scale production are:

  • Prompt Response to Change in Demand
  • Adaptability
  • No Danger of Over Production

Small-scale production will allow you to launch a pilot batch of the product with minimum expenditures and risks. It places special demands on us as manufacturer, requiring to be flexible, promptly adjust production processes and meet tight deadlines. Not all manufacturers of plastic protectors engage in manufacturing smaller batches because it is associated with a sharp increase in overhead costs per unit. We guarantee high quality products and compliance with deadlines. We develop an effective pattern of delivery and launch the production of your products on a small scale under the supervision of our manufacturing engineers and managers.

”We guarantee high quality products and compliance with deadlines.“